Ask Dr. Copyright

06Oct 2017

Dear Doc: I’m an attorney, and like most other lawyers, I went to law school because just the thought of taking organic chemistry in college gave me the dry heaves. Now the state Supreme Court has added a new rule that all lawyers have to follow. That rule says, “To maintain the requisite knowledge and […]

12Jan 2017
Question on a Keyboard

Dear Doc: I understand that it’s sometimes hard to take when someone makes fun of you, but now I have heard that one of the world’s largest brands, LOUIS VUITTON MALLETIER, S.A. (LVMH) (owners of, among other brands, Ardbeg, Belvedere, Bodega Numanthia, Cape Mentelle, Chandon, Chandon Argentina, Chandon Australia, Chandon California, Chandon China, Chandon do Brasil, Château […]

25Oct 2016
Question on a Keyboard

Dear Doc: It seems every day that I read about another federal law suit claiming that some musical “artist” of whom I have never heard, claims that another musical “artist” (of whom I may have heard) stole his/her/its music and infringed copyright. Is it just me, or are these claims becoming more frequent? What gives? […]

14Jul 2016
Question on a Keyboard

Dear Doc:   NuqneH! (Hello!) HIQaH! QaH! (Help!) Paramount Pictures Corporation thinks that it owns the copyright to the Klingon language. They’re trying to use that copyright to stop production of a fan film, “Prelude to Axanar” that is being developed with funding from Kickstarter. How is it possible for someone to own an entire language? jIyajbe’ (I don’t understand!) […]