2021 brings new trademark fees. The PTO states:

“The overall strategy of the Final Rule is to balance a reasonable and affordable fee schedule with sufficient multi-year revenue to recover the aggregate costs of maintaining the USPTO’s trademark-related operations and accomplishing the USPTO’s trademark-related strategic goals.

The Final Rule enables the USPTO to continue to enhance the quality of trademark examination, achieve optimal examination times, invest in modernizing trademark information technology systems and infrastructure, and provide stability to USPTO operations, even in times of financial fluctuations.”

PTO new trademark fees

There are numerous fee changes but here are those that apply to trademark applications:

  • TEAS Standard: $350 per class
    Up from $275 per class
  • TEAS Plus: $250 per class 
    Up from $225 per class
  • Processing fee for failing to meet TEAS Plus requirements: $100 per class 
    Down from $125 per class

Other fee changes pertain to post registration fees, Petitions, and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board fees.

— Adam G. Garson, Esq.