The Advantages of Lipton, Weinberger and Husick Attorneys:

  • We serve clients nationwide and in the local counties of Bucks, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery and Philadelphia.
  • For international registrations and filings, we have a world-wide  network of foreign counsel.
  • We offer FREE, initial telephone consultations.
  • We are not an online service that treats your needs as a commodity. You work with a licensed attorney.
  • You will always have direct communication with your lawyer and we always return telephone calls.
  • Our goal is to provide the highest quality legal services at competitive rates.
  • We charge flat rates for routine trademark and copyright applications.  There is never a surprise.

 How do you protect your intellectual property?

Many tools are available to protect your intellectual property. Of course, the government makes available registration/application services for trademarks, copyrights and patents but that is just the beginning. For example, by failing to monitor your trademarks and patents and carefully draft your contracts and licenses, you risk losing or abandoning your trademarks, copyrights or patents. Trade secrets deserve special attention. Our job is to help you maximize the protection of these valuable assets.

If you are in need of an experienced trademark attorney or intellectual property lawyer, look no further. Our law firm is prepared to help you with your legal matters ranging from copyright litigation, trademark and copyright filings, patents and trade secret laws.

Client Testimonial

The law firm of Lipton, Weinberger & Husick has been taking care of Turgeon Engineering Inc. legal needs (customer, sub-contractor and employee agreements, NDA’s, intellectual property etc.) since 2003 with Mr. Adam G. Garson being the primary legal service provider for over one year. During this time Mr. Garson has worked on customer agreements, sales representative agreements and employee agreements as well as provided general legal advice on a variety of concerns such as non-disclosures, intellectual property, etc. These guys don’t work out of glass offices with ten foot doors, but are very effective both cost and otherwise via telephone and the internet. Email your proposed agreement or description of your legal needs or just call; you will receive a return call most likely the same day and in a day or so you will have an agreement that is legally sound. Of course, they are available to meet in person if you desire. Overall, I am very satisfied with this legal firm and Mr. Garson, and highly recommend without reservations.

Luke Turgeon - President Turgeon Engineering Inc.