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Question on a Keyboard

Dear Doc: What’s this “Section 230” I keep hearing about, and why should I care? Signed, Poster Child Dear PC: Section 230 refers to a particular part of the Communication Decency Act of 1996. Back then, Congress passed the law as a way to encourage the commercial growth of the Internet, which until the early 1990s […]


Let’s say the world believes in Unicorns. TikTok is filled with glowing Unicorn affirmation testimonials and whole YouTube channels are dedicated to fuzzy, pixelated videos of Unicorns in the distance.  Learned scientists publish studies speculating about the natural history of Unicorns. You, on the other hand, are part of the small but sturdy band of […]

Ai Hierarchy

Development and public release of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbots has cast AI into the public spotlight even though it has been a subject of modern academic research since the 1940’s. Over the years, we’ve written several articles on artificial intelligence and intellectual property law. Way back in 2017, we pondered the question of whether a work generated by AI is protected under copyright […]

Open AI

We asked ChatGPT for a parody of Dr. Copyright. Here’s what we got: Dr. Copyright was feeling quite pleased,His legal power was never to be eased.He guarded the rights of creators with glee,Making sure no one used their works for free. But little did he know, his power was slipping,As technology made it easier for […]

Question on a Keyboard

 Dear Doc: It seems that all anyone wants to talk about now is artificial intelligence. Are there copyright issues involved in AI? Signed, ChatGPT  Dear Chat: The Doc has been thinking about this question for a long time. Back in the “dark ages” of computers (ca. 1983) we used to call the job of getting […]

What can you copyright

Copyright law often isn’t as well understood as, for example, criminal defense, or family law. Most people may know that if you write a book, perform a song, or take a photograph, you can obtain copyright protection for those works. But what about items that you can’t protect through copyright?  Here are some examples of […]

Better Call Saul

Out of all the names Defendants could have used for the tax business portrayed in Episode 2, they decided not to be original at all, but instead ripped off the famous Liberty Tax trademark, which had been used for over 25 years, and mimic an actual Liberty Tax location just by adding the word “Sweet” […]

Fair Use

In addition to an award of statutory damages, the ability to obtain attorney’s fees is often touted as an advantage of registering a copyright.  Indeed, it is a strong incentive for some lawyers to take copyright infringement cases on a contingency basis. What’s not often discussed is that should plaintiff’s attorney fail on behalf of […]