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Question on a Keyboard

Dear Doc: My wife and I are two of the millions of Internet users who browse real estate websites like,, and We see a lot of pretty pictures and virtual video tours, but not floor plans, which makes our search for our dream home very frustrating. Why aren’t there any floor plans on these websites? […]

Benjamin Franklin

Utility patents protect what things do.  Design patents protect how things look.  Design patents have existed for well over 100 years:  “[w]homever invents any new, original, and ornamental design for an article of manufacture may obtain a patent therefor … .”  So the design patent only applies to an ‘article of manufacture;’ that is, a physical product, and only […]

Birkin Bag NFT

New technologies give rise to new intellectual property headaches. Non-fungible tokens or NFT’s are no exception. What is an NFT? For the uninitiated (and hermits), an NFT is a unique digital token that one can own, sell, or redeem. Bitcoin and Ethereum are examples of digital tokens. Cryptocurrency, however, is fungible. The Bitcoin I own is not unique […]