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01Aug 2020
LWH top lawyers

We are pleased to announce that the five attorneys of LW&H who practice on Philadelphia’s “Main Line” have been selected by Main Line Today Magazine as among the Top Lawyers of 2020.  Led by Josh Waterson, MLT’s #1 Intellectual Attorney, Larry Weinberger, Adam Garson, Robert Yarbrough and Lawrence Husick were named by the publication as Top […]

09Feb 2016
attorneys fees

Most parties to litigation have to pay their own attorneys’ fees.   The patent statute includes an exception – in “exceptional” circumstances, the successful party in patent infringement litigation can collect attorneys’ fees from the losing party. Not every losing litigant is liable for the other party’s fees.  The reasonableness of the party’s litigation position and the unreasonableness […]

31Jul 2013
gavel of justice

It’s time for a story.  We’ll start with the moral – read your non-disclosure agreements and comply with ALL of the requirements of the agreement to keep your information secret.  Back to the story: In license negotiations for an invention,  Convolve and another party signed a non-disclosure agreement.   Like many non-disclosure agreements, the agreement required […]

29Jun 2012

The 1966 landmark Supreme Court case of Miranda v. Arizona gave us that famous TV cop phrase, “You have the right to remain silent…” This warning, called the Miranda Warning after the name of the criminal defendant in the case, is so common that many citizens can almost repeat it by heart. The holding of […]

29Mar 2012
R is for Registered

Do you have an idea for a great new patentable product and trademark?  Of course you do – you’re reading this newsletter, after all.  But do you know how to commercialize your product and trademark; that is, how to turn your ideas into money? Before you can make money with your ideas, you must learn […]

28Jul 2011

Treb and Lawrence Our founding partner, Robert “Treb” Lipton died this month.  Of course, for our firm, and for his family, he had departed some time ago in one of the cruelest jokes that disease plays on us: the Alzheimer’s Disease that robbed him of his memories.  We will miss him, but we have missed […]

29Jun 2011
TM is for Trademarks

Your trademarks are among your company’s most valuable assets; controlling them is a necessity for successful branding.  Domain names, particularly if they incorporate your trademarks, are part of your intellectual property portfolio and demand as much attention as your other assets. Sometimes, through no fault of your own,  another company owns a domain name, which […]

30Apr 2011

As Mike Yu learned, industrial espionage can earn you hard time.  Mr. Yu is a Chinese national with permanent residency status in the U.S.  He worked as an engineer for Ford Motor Company for ten years.  Before departing Ford in 2007, Mr. Yu purloined computer files containing several thousand of Ford’s sensitive documents, including design […]