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Dear Doc: I just heard that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has effectively outlawed all “non-compete” agreements. What will that mean for businesses that want to protect their competitive advantages? Signed,Every Fatcat, Ever Dear Mr. Large Feline: For many years, companies have forced their employees to sign agreements that restrict where and how they work […]

Dear Doc: I’ve heard that politicians who use music at their campaign appearances and in their Internet postings (Tweets, Memes, and other stuff) need to get permission from the music artists, and that sometimes, they don’t. What happens then? Signed,Dazed and Confused   Dear D&C:The basic rule of copyright is that unless use of a […]

Dear Doc: For some time now, we have heard and read that Apple, Inc. has lost its famous ability to innovate. What does that mean, and do you agree? Signed, Your College Friend Who Refuses to Use Any Apple Products, Ever! Dear John: As you know, the Doc bought his first Apple computer in 1979 […]

As the days grow shorter, it seems that the shorter people  (we call them “kids”) start to want costumes and large bags the size of small dump trucks into which kindly neighbors intent on supporting the local dental association will deposit “treats.”  You may have noticed that some costumes (for example, independent small-business marine entrepreneurs, […]

Dear Doc: How can a person tell if one stuffed toy infringes the intellectual property rights in another stuffed toy?  Asking for a friend. Signed,J. Sinestvet Dear J: When the Doc was about to graduate from law school, he was interviewed for a job at a prominent Philadelphia patent law firm. The Doc has a […]

Dear Doc: As I understand it, one of the disputes during the recent SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike was over the use of artificial intelligence-generated actors instead of actual humans in movies and other performances. I think that there ought to be a law against that kind of thing! Signed,George Karlin  Dear George: You may just get your wish! […]

This month marks a milestone in our Firm’s history, as Larry Weinberger, one of our founding partners, retires from active practice. Larry remains an advisor to the Firm, providing us with his experience and knowledge, but has closed his office in Exton. We look forward to serving his clients now and in the future. My […]

Dear Doc: Me want to protect cookie. How can do that? Signed,A Certain Monster Dear Mr. Monster: A recent case from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals may help you to understand how cookies are protected. More than 50 years ago, Ezaki Glico Kabushiki Kaisha developed “Pocky” – a thin, elongated biscuit partially covered with chocolate. About […]

Dear Doc:  Having just watched “Dancing With the Stars,” and feeling a bit down over Barry Williams’ loss (but happy that Jason Mraz made it to the finals), I got to wondering if dances can be protected by a copyright registration so that they can’t be copied. May just anyone “moonwalk,” or did Michael Jackson […]