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 Dear Doc: With the New Year nigh, what fascinating copyright info do you have about the big illuminated sphere that drops in Times Square at midnight? Signed,Tipsy and Frozen Dear T&F: Funny you should ask! The Doc was just perusing the website for the big event. On that site, we can learn many fascinating facts, such […]

Dear Doc: We all hear about the “Rule of Law”, but lawyers seldom discuss the rules of law, you know, the rules about how the system functions. Can you enlighten me? Signed, Nothing Better To Do Dear NBTD: While the “Rule of Law” means that everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law, […]

Dear Doc: I have read your columns about how patent law is now mostly unable to protect inventions that incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning computer applications. So…what’s an aspiring inventor in those fields to do? How may such systems be protected? Is all hope lost? Signed, HAL Dear HAL: No. All is not lost. We […]

Dear Doc: I know (because my attorney keeps reminding me) that transfers of copyright must be in writing and signed by the owner of the rights. How, then, could a recent case in Minnesota find that distributing a photographer’s pictures of Prince (the Artist, not the Ruler Formerly Known as Chuck, the Prince of Wales) […]

Dear Doc: I’ve heard about how the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, and declared a century-old state law saying that you need a valid reason to carry a loaded gun anywhere you please because the matters in those cases were not part of the way people thought in 1789 (or 1868, either.) How […]

Dear Doc: My wife and I are two of the millions of Internet users who browse real estate websites like,, and We see a lot of pretty pictures and virtual video tours, but not floor plans, which makes our search for our dream home very frustrating. Why aren’t there any floor plans on these websites? […]