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Dear Doc: I see that several artists and authors have sued artificial intelligence companies, claiming that using their writings, artwork, voices, etc. to train AI systems violates copyright. What do you think of that? Can they stop this whole AI thing using copyright law? Signed,Asking for an Artificial Friend Dear Asking: The Doc is skeptical […]

Dear Doc: Now that the Supremes have settled the whole fair use debate (except for all the issues that they left unsettled, and the new issues that their decision in the Warhol case created…), what’s this that I hear about bananas? Sincerely,Froot Loopy Dear Loopy: Did you know that “Froot Loops” is called that because […]

Dear Doc: I know that you have written a boatload of articles about “appropriation art,” where someone just grabs the copyright-protected work of another person, changes it a bit, and then sells it for a boatload of money, never giving the first artist a penny, and how this was totally legal. So how come I […]

Dear Doc: Lately I have been reading a lot about “deep fakes”, which seem to be photos and videos that have been edited for propaganda purposes. Isn’t it against the law to do that? Why don’t the copyright police put an end to such deceptions so that the public may once again be able to […]

Dear Doc: If something, a photo, music, a video, is in the “public domain,” then why must I pay for a license from Getty Images to use it? Shouldn’t it be free? Signed,Concerned Confused Citizen Dear CCC: You are, indeed, confused. You see, being in the “public domain” just means that there are no legal […]

Dear Doc: It seems to me that every time I try to find out about intellectual property licensing, I end up more confused than ever. Are you able to help? Signed, Bothered and Bewildered Dear B&B: You are correct. Licensing is a complex area of business and of the law. Unfortunately, it is in the […]

Dear Doc: All this new artificial intelligence on the Internet looks like it can make life easier for authors. Why not have some help writing a first draft? Does the use of a system like ChatGPT have any effect on legal rights? Signed,Not an AI Dear NAAI: You sure stepped into the middle of a […]

Dear Doc:How can federal “troops” (aka officers from Customs and Border Protection) just show up in cities to protect courthouses and other federal property, launch tear gas, and arrest people? Isn’t there something about limited jurisdiction and federalism that makes such things illegal?Signed,Anonymous Protestor Dear AP: You might think that these officers showing up in […]