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patent lawyers in paThe patent lawyers in PA at Lipton, Weinberger & Husick -- Laurence Weinberger, Lawrence Husick, Robert Yarbrough, and Ash Tankha -- have scientific and engineering backgrounds and are registered patent attorneys with the USPTO. We are not only familiar with the law involving the patentability of subject matter, we are able to search for, locate and analyze relevant technology in the files of the USPTO and elsewhere. Therefore, we can provide our clients with a considered opinion as to the patentability of an invention in light of the search results. We are also able to help determine in a separate search and analysis whether a proposed invention might infringe someone else’s patent claims.

Applying for a Patent

If it is determined that patent protection is available, we represent our clients before the Patent and Trademark Office. Our attorneys have considerable experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications relating to a wide range of products, devices and technologies.

Additionally, our attorneys work to maximize the capabilities of our clients’ patent portfolios by maintaining a successful patent enforcement strategy. We have litigated patent infringement suits involving a wide range of technologies in courts around the country. We have also advised and negotiated on behalf of clients in pursuit of licensing opportunities to help advance their overall business strategy and objectives.

How to Hire Patent Lawyers in PA?

If you are searching for a patent attorney in Pennsylvania, contact Lipton, Weinberg and Husick today. We also serve clients nationwide and can offer a wide range of experience and expertise as a patent law firm.

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