Attorney Larry Weinberger

This month marks a milestone in our Firm’s history, as Larry Weinberger, one of our founding partners, retires from active practice. Larry remains an advisor to the Firm, providing us with his experience and knowledge, but has closed his office in Exton. We look forward to serving his clients now and in the future.

My own introduction to Larry was nearly thirty years ago when Treb Lipton invited both of us to lunch. After our meal, Larry invited me to his nearby office to continue talking. As soon as he opened the door, my eyes were drawn to a shelf of science toys! This, in itself, was not remarkable. What was special is that this collection of spinning, flashing, clicking, buzzing demonstrations was nearly identical to the items on a shelf (OK, 5 shelves) in my own law office! From that moment, I knew that Larry and I would be not only professional colleagues but fast friends. 

Since the 1990s, Larry has led our firm, battled the Patent Office on behalf of our clients, litigated cases, and helped to found a pioneering computational chemistry company. His counsel has been sage, and his friendship, golden. We wish him only the best of more time with children and grandchildren, wonderful travels and Hawaiian sunsets with his wife, Joann, and plenty of new science toys.

— Lawrence Husick, Esq.