Treb and Lawrence

Our founding partner, Robert “Treb” Lipton died this month.  Of course, for our firm, and for his family, he had departed some time ago in one of the cruelest jokes that disease plays on us: the Alzheimer’s Disease that robbed him of his memories.  We will miss him, but we have missed him for some time now.  Only now, the ceremonies of his passing have allowed us to celebrate his life.

For his partners, his employees, and his colleagues, Treb was, as they say, a force of nature.  His was an oversized presence in any room.  His joy in flying, in learning about his clients’ inventions, the more than occasional off-color joke, and in his family were evident in his characteristic crooked smile and crushing handshake.  The universal respect of other attorneys, judges, patent examiners, clients and adversaries is a testament to his knowledge and skill.  Above all, his prudent business judgment meant that all who turned to him received respectful and valuable counsel.  Treb and I used to say that attorneys have clients and retail businesses have customers – the difference between the two is that while the customer is always right, a client needs his lawyer to advise him when he is wrong.  Treb’s clients understood and valued such advice.

For myself and the present and former members of Lipton, Weinberger & Husick – we extend our condolences to Treb’s family, and to all those who knew our partner.  His skill, knowledge and integrity will continue to guide the manner in which we practice law – with professionalism, respect, courtesy, and more than a bit of humor.