caesar We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.  Remember that on or after March 17, 2013, you MUST protect your invention before offering the invention for sale or using the invention in public.  Otherwise, you lose your U.S. patent rights instantly and forever.  This is a major change in the law and requires an entirely new level of paranoia on the part of inventors and the companies that employ them.  How can you protect yourself and your company?

On or after March 17, 2013:

(1) Do not offer the invention or a product including the invention for sale until you file a patent application.

(2) Do not use the invention in public until you file a patent application.

(3) Do not disclose the invention to someone else unless you have filed a patent application or unless that person has signed a non-disclosure agreement.  Disclosure of the invention by you does not immediately terminate your U.S. patent rights, but does immediately terminate foreign patent rights in most circumstances.

PLEASE keep that above in mind and do not forfeit your rights by mistake.  For more information, follow this link.

— Robert Yarbrough