USPTO SealIn December, 2009, the PTO implemented a ‘green technology’ program to accelerate review of patent applications relating to several green technologies, including:

· development of renewable energy resources,

· energy conservation,

· greenhouse gas emission reduction and

· environmental quality.

One of our clients with a green invention opted for accelerated review under the program and received very quick action from the PTO. The PTO issued a first office action on the client’s patent application, with claims allowed, within weeks of filing the ‘green technology’ petition.

The program originally applied only to patent applications filed before December 8, 2009. The program is extended and applications filed after December 8, 2009 now can qualify. If your invention relates to a green technology, we strongly recommend that you consider this program and not delay. Once 3000 petitions are granted, the program terminates. Call or e-mail Robert Yarbrough for more information.

— Robert Yarbrough, Esquire