windmillMost inventors wait two to three years for a decision on a utility patent application by the PTO, and some wait much longer.  Applicants with ample resources can pay an extra PTO fee ($2,400.00 for a small entity) for quick review.  If your invention will result in a cleaner environment or reduced use of fossil fuels, you have a cheaper and faster alternative – the Green Technology Pilot Program.

The PTO’s Green Technology Pilot Program has been around since 2009 and has now been extended through March, 2012.  The Green Technology program promises that upon filing a petition, your patent application for a qualifying green invention will be reviewed within one year.  Restrictions apply, including restrictions on the number of claims.

We can testify that the Green Technology program works.  We have submitted two petitions for Green Technology review for two different wind power inventions.  Both petitions were granted and the patent applications were quickly reviewed by the PTO, one within weeks.  Both reviews resulted in allowed claims.  If your invention qualifies, we recommend that you consider the Green Technology Pilot Program.

— Robert Yarbrough, Esq.