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A bullet dodged or the bomb-throwing Supreme Court declines  to destroy the patent system… for once. The Supreme Court does not take a patent case unless it can screw up the patent system and make things worse for inventors.  That’s why Your Faithful Correspondent was alarmed when the Court accepted the case of Amgen v Sanofi, which […]

So, you’ve come up with an invention.  Great!  Now it’s time to apply for your patent.  So how much information must you supply in your patent application?  The general rule is that you must provide ‘enablement’; that is, you must provide enough information in the text and drawings so that a person knowledgeable in the […]

 The Navy just received a patent on flying saucer technology.  No, I don’t mean a circular wing that flies like every other aircraft.  I mean a craft that relies on laws of physics that neither Newton nor Einstein would recognize. The patent, by Navy inventor Dr. Salvatore Pais, describes what is literally anti-gravity technology, referred […]