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Once upon a time, a farmer purchased a magic bean.  The farmer planted his magic bean, as farmers do.  The magic bean grew into a magic beanstalk and made more magic beans.  The farmer harvested the magic beans, as farmers do, and saved the new magic beans for the next year.   For eight years, the […]

Pardon the quote of the Bard, but there is one area of patent law that, indeed, ponders “that is the question.” Bear with us for a moment while we try to set the stage. To qualify for a patent, the patent law statute passed by Congress states that an invention must meet three criteria: it […]

Your company is threatened with a lawsuit for patent infringement.  You are confident that your product does not infringe.  Should you fight or should you surrender? These are very real questions that businesses face every day.  According to a 2009 survey by the American Intellectual Property Law Association, the average cost for infringement litigation through […]