Telephone Scammer AI

This month the USPTO warned of scam telephone attacks on patent owners.  The scammers spoof USPTO phone numbers so the call appears to come from the USPTO.  The scammers pretend to be USPTO employees and ask the patent owner to pay fees over the phone or for personal information.  

The USPTO warns that it does not make such calls.  If someone from the USPTO calls you and says really scary things like your patent or application is about to expire unless you pay a fee, THEY ARE SCAMMERS AND ARE LYING.

Here’s what the USPTO says to do if you received a spoofed call:

If you paid any money or gave the caller personal information, see what to do if you’ve been scammed. Take further action by filing a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission.”

Bottom line: Don’t fall for it. 

— Robert Yarbrough, Esq.