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Psychedelic Mushrooms

In contrast to medical science’s aggressive pursuit of new therapeutics for cancers, cardiovascular disorders, or infectious disease, the discovery of new therapeutics for mental health has lagged. But, the past few years have witnessed renewed interest in the development of psychedelic therapeutics for treatment of unmet medical needs in mental health. The astonishing growth of a […]

How far can businesses go to protect their intellectual property, and what is the minimum that they need to do to protect it? Two cases highlight the boundaries of trade secret law. This past February, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals held that the trade secret owner’s own lack of trade secret policies did not […]


Many administrations regard the USPTO as a political backwater and the directorship as a holding pen for less-than-ideal candidates. Here’s the shocker: The Administration has appointed a qualified person to head the USPTO.  His name is Andrei Iancu and he is currently the managing partner of a Los Angeles law firm.  He’s a degreed engineer and registered […]