InnovationFor the past 5 years, our partner Lawrence Husick has been co-teaching the Managing Innovation course at the Whiting Graduate School of Engineering at The Johns Hopkins University.  Beginning in the Summer Term 2010, he and Dr. Ed Addison will offer “Managing Innovation in the Life Sciences” as a distance learning course in the Hopkins Advanced Biotechnology Studies Program.

This course will explore innovation, invention, and value creation as a driving force in the biotechnology or life sciences enterprise and the ways in which managers should plan to take full advantage of innovation as the only true competitive weapon for long-term success.  A special emphasis will be placed on innovation as applied to life science applications (biotechnology, medical devices, health care delivery, drug discovery, development and packaging, bioinformatics, etc.). Topics include invention, ROI, disruption, creative destruction, types of innovation, technology brokering, organizational structures that foster innovation, planning and managing for innovation.