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Dear Doc: Since literally everyone in the Universe is talking about Taylor Swift, I figured that you might want to, as well. So have at it! Signed, TK  Dear TK: The Doc will, unlike literally everyone in the Universe, refrain from peppering his response with the titles of Ms. Swift’s songs, and will instead, stick […]

In our last newsletter we wrote about Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple, Inc. and the ensuing kerfuffle over Taylor Swift’s hypocrisy for the way she treated photographers covering her concerts. Just to recap, Swift’s letter to Apple scolded the company for not compensating artists during its customers’ 3-month free Apple Music trial. Apple, you […]

On the subject of interesting IP spats, here’s one that’s worth smiling (or frowning) over. You may know that Taylor Swift recently complained in an open letter to Apple about its using musicians’ work without compensation during the 3-month trial period of its new music streaming service (which, by the way, debuts today).  Swift wrote: […]