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Dear Doc: I heard that “appropriation artist” Richard Prince is again involved in a lawsuit over his theft…uh, “appropriation” of another artist’s photograph. Given the Supreme Court’s decision in the Worhol case about the photograph of Prince, the musician, a few months ago, has anything changed or is Richard Prince still free to swipe anything […]

Dear Doc: I know that you have written a boatload of articles about “appropriation art,” where someone just grabs the copyright-protected work of another person, changes it a bit, and then sells it for a boatload of money, never giving the first artist a penny, and how this was totally legal. So how come I […]

Dear Doc (hope you’re well and alive): I heard of a case that’s just jive.You can go, but not boldlySaid the judge, rather coldlyFar too Seuss, your project, contrived.  Signed,ComicMix Dear CM: I suppose that you are asking about a recent court decision in a dispute about the book “Oh, the Places You’ll Boldly Go!”, a mashup […]