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Intent-to-Use Trademark Applications The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) permits trademark owners to file a registration application even before the owner actually uses a trademark so long as the owner has a bona fide intention to use it in interstate commerce.   The so-call “Intent-to-Use” trademark registration application is a useful tool because it lets […]

Trademarks (and service marks) identify the source of products and services, while trade names are short hand references to businesses. Some company names are, indeed, used as trademarks; that is, they identify the product or service of the owners.  Two that come to mind are Coca-cola® and Microsoft®.  Proper trademark usage requires placing your mark […]

For the past 5 years, our partner Lawrence Husick has been co-teaching the Managing Innovation course at the Whiting Graduate School of Engineering at The Johns Hopkins University.  Beginning in the Summer Term 2010, he and Dr. Ed Addison will offer “Managing Innovation in the Life Sciences” as a distance learning course in the Hopkins […]