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Trademarks (and service marks) identify the source of products and services, while trade names are short hand references to businesses. Some company names are, indeed, used as trademarks; that is, they identify the product or service of the owners.  Two that come to mind are Coca-cola® and Microsoft®.  Proper trademark usage requires placing your mark […]

For the past 5 years, our partner Lawrence Husick has been co-teaching the Managing Innovation course at the Whiting Graduate School of Engineering at The Johns Hopkins University.  Beginning in the Summer Term 2010, he and Dr. Ed Addison will offer “Managing Innovation in the Life Sciences” as a distance learning course in the Hopkins […]

Global Findability, which alleged in a lawsuit that Nicholas Cage’s character in the new film “Knowing”  infringed Global Findability’s patent 7,107,286.  The patent addresses storing global position and altitude information “into a single discrete all-natural number geospatial coordinate measurement representation for identification of a geospatial positional location. . .”  In the movie, Cage’s character perceives […]

On December 1, 2010, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) promulgated new guidelines governing endorsements and testimonials.  Although the guidelines — being just “guidelines” — do not have the force of law,  they do provide insight on how the FTC will interpret the law.  The guidelines cover endorsements by bloggers, consumers, experts, and organizations.  Let’s look […]

A question we hear often is, “Don’t I have to wait until my patent issues to_________?”  The blank is usually filled in with such items as “raise capital”, “license my invention”, or “disclose my invention to others.”  In each case, the answer is an emphatic “NO”.  And it’s a good thing, too, since the time […]

The PTO announced a pilot program to allow small entities with two or more patent applications to move to the front of the review line by dropping an existing patent application.   As a rule of thumb, a small entity is a business with fewer than five hundred employees.   The theory is that a small […]

A recent case before the United States District Court of Appeals demonstrates how important it is for companies to understand their software licenses when planning mergers and reorganizations.  Novelis Corporation learned the hard way when it completed an internal corporate restructuring.  Here’s what happened in Cincom Systems, Inc. v. Novelis Corp., 581 F.3d 431 (6th […]