Before an inventor will build 10,000 units of a new invention, he or she will first build a prototype – or many prototypes – to make sure that the invention works as it should.  For many inventions, the inventor does not have the resources to build the prototype and will farm out prototype production to […]

Originating in Twitter as a means of designating keyword search terms, the # (hashtag) has become a ubiquitous symbol of the social media age.  As the political season heats up, tweeting has gone wild with political candidates and their supporters exchange 140 character barbs.  This hyperactivity has spilled over to print and digital media in […]

Question on a Keyboard

Dear Doc:   My Mom always taught me to be extra-polite. Growing up in the South, I learned to call my elders “Ma’am” and “Sir”, and always to say “Please” and “Thank you”. I guess that the 2Big2Fail crowd was raised differently. I just heard that CitiGroup thinks that it owns “Thank You” and that nobody […]

for the Supreme Court to restore some balance to the patent system. The power of patents has eroded over the last decade, with the Supreme Court concluding that an infringer can only be enjoined from infringing in rare circumstances (Ebay v MercExchange) that pretty much any process that does not require a machine is not patentable […]

Question on a Keyboard

Dear Doc:   NuqneH! (Hello!) HIQaH! QaH! (Help!) Paramount Pictures Corporation thinks that it owns the copyright to the Klingon language. They’re trying to use that copyright to stop production of a fan film, “Prelude to Axanar” that is being developed with funding from Kickstarter. How is it possible for someone to own an entire language? jIyajbe’ (I don’t understand!) […]

Over the past several years, the question of what’s a “craft beer” and who qualifies to make a craft beer has been a front and center issue among the brewing community. It started when “Macro Brewers” began making “small” batch brews such as “Blue Moon” manufactured and sold by the “Blue Moon Brewing Company,” a […]